Teddy by Lisa

Two years ago we were blessed with
A scrawny cocker spaniel.
We took you home
From the pet shop.
Named you A.J. at first
Then changed to Teddy
Within a week you came when we Called.
You were always so hyper
So full of life. You got so plump.
For two years you were my best friend
I laid with you the first night so you could
Fall asleep. You would jump on the couch
A tiny little thing. Eventually
You grew a lot.

One night you fell asleep next to me you
Came every where I went
My best friend and now your gone.
One night you got sick.
I got so scared. The next morning
we took you to the Vet.
The doctor said it didnÆt look good.
You had something wrong with
your liver and you
Had jaundice. He told me
it could go either way.
I pleaded with you when
you were on the table.
I pleaded that you wouldnÆt leave me.
I told you I loved you.
You looked at me with those big brown eyes.
We left you for observation.
The doctor told us to come back
That night. We did.
We were going to move you
To a specialist place. He gave us directions then
Went to check on you.
He came back in the room.
And told us you had died.
Never have I been so upset.
Teddy you were my heart and now your gone.
I know I will see you again however not soon.
I hope and pray you will meet me at
The pearly white gates of heaven
And jump in my arms like
you did when you were alive.
I will never forget your lifeless
body lying there on the table.
I hope your life was well lived.
Teddy I love you and good-bye.



6, July 2001