Teddy Fluffy Bear by Susan, Jordan, Courtney and Chris / Courtney, Jordan, Susan & Chris

A faithful dog sits waiting
in the chilly autumn air;
Waiting for his family to show
him love and care.

His tail would start a-wagging
when we drove around the bend,
He knew that we would be home soon
to play with our best friend.

I still remember the day we met
you wore a bright blue bow;
Full of energy and playfulness,
oh, how I loved you so.

As you grew, we grew together
–forming great memories;
And deep in my heart
I know that you will always
walk with me..

No one can understand how a dog
can mean so much;
But you occupied part of my heart
that no one else has ever touched.

You did your guard dog duty well
each time the doorbell rang;
Strangers surely couldn’t see
my loveable friend behind those fangs.

You were always my protector,
a playmate and a friend;
There was nothing that
those puppy eyes have
ever failed to mend.

Whenever I was feeling sad
you would always be aware;
You would nuzzle up beside me and
be my Teddy Bear.

My puppy closed his eyes tonight
and my eyes welled up with tears;
I’ve lost a very special friend
that I’ve had for fourteen years.

I’m grateful for the times we shared
and the memories made together;
Teddy, you’re in my heart now and
it’s there you’ll stay forever.

I know you’re gone for good now,
although it’s hard to see;
You’ll no longer come
when I call your name.
It will always just be me..

A million times I’ve needed you,
a million times I’ve cried;
If it was love that could have saved you,
you never would have died.

Why don’t you go and play now,
and look down when you can;
Remember that I love you,
and that I’ll see you once again.

Love Forever,
Courtney, Jordan, Susan & Chris


My Teddy Bear,
Teddy Fluffy Bear
8, Nov 2006
Susan, Jordan, Courtney and Chris