Teddy Manker

Teddy came to us in July of 2005. He was almost blind at the time and within a year lost the rest of his eyesight. We tried 2 different doctors and nothing could be done. Teddy was a sweet, loving little boy. He learned to adapt to his life of darkness and always had joy in his heart. I just feel like our Teddy was the best little boy in the world. He was always kind to all the other dogs here. People would come to the house and if you did not tell them he was blind they would not know. He got around the house and the yard very well. He was with us for 12 wonderful years. He got sick around Christmas of 2016 and sadly we found he had lymphoma. Within a very short time of diagnosis we knew it was time to say goodbye. He loved the snow and we had not had any yet that winter. The week before he died we had a snow that was not too deep but it was snow. I told him “snow, Teddy” and he wagged his tail. We went outside and as always he put his face up to catch the snowflakes. We stayed out for awhile. When we came in I knew it was time to let Teddy go and he seemed ready. God gave Teddy a last snow and for that we are grateful. Every time it snows Teddy is right here with us I am sure. To let him go was one of the worst things we have ever had to do. He was greatly loved by all and kind to all people and animals. He was loved by so many and a great companion to our granddaughters. He was show and tell and the kids loved him. Always kind and loving and always there for us. I feel like Teddy will always be with us in our hearts and we miss him every day. I know you are looking down on us and now you can see us clearly for the very first time. Fly with the angels our little boy. You will be loved forever. We will never forget our little boy!

Teddy, you will be loved forever!
January 18, 2017
Vicki and John Manker