Teela by Barbara

A Miracle there wouldnÆt be
So that is why we set you free.
Only love we had to give
But that was not enough to make you live.

We miss you more than words can say
Cause you made us laugh each and every day.
When we see a bright shiny star
That is where we know you are.

In our arms you would have been kept
If only you hadnÆt left.
IÆm glad for all the years we had
But it still doesnÆt make me any less sad.

When I lay down to rest
All I can do is say you were the best.
You were my angel MamaÆs little girl.
You were my best friend
Right to the very end.

We cry tears like rain
But couldnÆt let you suffer
with any more pain.
We will miss you very much
And your gentile living touch.

We wanted to give you a better tomorrow
Even though it caused us much sorrow.
Deep in my heart your memory will stay
Love that I had for you will last forever and a day.

Stay with me forever were the words
I wanted to say
But I know I had to set you on
a better way.
I think we got a rotten deal
But it was the only way to make you heal.

Up to the heavens we will look
Cause that is where we know you were took.
Thoughts of you IÆll keep in my heart
And that is how I know weÆll never part.

Not much more suffering and pain could you take
But that doesnÆt help my heartache.
I donÆt know how to explain how I feel
All I know is I really miss you Teel.

God choose you to be with him because he knew you were the best
He said come to me and I will let you rest.
You were one of a kind
And that is what gives me some piece of mind.

No more will I have you to touch
And that is why it hurts so much.
I just hope youÆre happy
Cause I know IÆm feeling crappy.

They made me understand
To make you better youÆd have to leave this land.
I know weÆll be together again
But canÆt say exactly when.

In my arms I’ll hold you tight
And never will I let you out of my sight.
Things will never be the same on the days we did part
For on that day I lost a piece of my heart.

Never fear that I will ever forget about you
For that I can guarantee I will never do!
If I thought you could have gotten stronger
I would have kept you much longer.

But weaker and weaker it would be
So that is why I set you free.
Memories of you I will always keep
Each and ever time I lay to sleep.

Loving thoughts I keep in my heart
And that is how I know weÆll never part.
You were a very special Pet
And that is why IÆm so upset.

Laying on the floor next to me
Is how I thought it would always be.
Each and everyday I miss seeing your adorable face
But then I realize your in a better place.



11, April 2001