Teipei by Jennifer Rue / Mommy

TeiPei, my sweet baby dog…….where did the last 16 years go? You have been my baby, my love, my friend,
and my teacher.

What I learned from you sweet baby, was your zest for life. You loved our morning walks at the park and would bark to wake me if I didn’t get up early. I say walks….but should I say runs? You didn’t see any need to slow down. As you trotted by people at the park, they’d ask, “How old is your puppy?” “Nearly 16 years young”, I’d reply! Some of my best thoughts, conversations and prayers have been during our morning walks.

We had great talks and I told you things I never told anyone. We’d look at each other face to face during these talks and then I’d kiss you on top of your sweet little head. Daddy always asked how you got so much lipstick
on top of your head!

You loved new presents, particularly at Christmas. You would unwrap gifts or stick your head in the shopping bags we would bring home. You were always
sure everything was for you!

You loved great naps too. You would sleep so deeply with your sweet little snoring…..sometimes I would just sit and watch you sleep.

You were always curious…..you loved new things and new friends. This time of year, you would get under the Christmas tree and check each package.

So, my sweet Teipei…..I love you with all my heart and until we meet again…..I will live life with the zest and unconditional love you showed me for the 16 years we were together.

Enjoy prancing in heaven’s park sweetpea until we resume our walks there together.


I love you, TaTa.
5, Nov 2005
Jennifer Rue