Tellie by Robert & Jill Gonzales / Mommy, Daddy, Big Jordan,
Michael, Little Jor

Tellie was the joy of my life. We adopted Tellie on January 22, 2005 from Best Friends on Tour. We fell in love with her the minute we walked her around Pets Mart. We have 7 children and Tellie was our eighth. She brought so much joy and love to us in her two and half months
as part of our family.

On March 26th Tellie got out of our front door and ran off when my husband tried to call her back. Our 11 year old son was trying to get to her and she ran out of our neighborhood into a busy street and was struck by a car, she died instantly, I am grateful that she did not suffer. I don’t understand why she was put into our life for such a short time, but I feel honored and privileged to have been a part of her life. She made me so happy and complete.

My husband is retired and she was his companion each day while the kids were at school. He is lost now without her as well. My heart is broken into a million pieces and she is irreplaceable. I have never been so attached to a dog before. She was like my child and I don’t know how to get over this pain and grief. I can’t eat or sleep. I know that Tellie would want me to go on, but I just don’t know how at this point. Maybe things will get easier with time. I hope that Tellie is with our Lord and that she is playing
tug-o-war or eating her favorite treats.

We will never forget you Tellie. You will be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers every day, always. Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness to our lives.


Love Forever,
Robert & Jill Gonzales