Tess by Donna / Mum

Memorial for Tess: “Beau’s Enchantress v. Doncor” 12/25/91-5/2/05

How does one say good-bye to their best friend? They don’t. They carry them forever in their heart. My heart has been permanently stamped with the paw print of Tess.

Tess came into this world with all the love and energy a German Shepherd puppy is capable of. While I had my choice in the litter, I really didn’t as Tess chose me. She boldly and confidently climbed on my lap and looked at me, as if to say, “I’m ready for this new phase of my life and ready to take care of my new family”. That she did for the thirteen beautiful years we had her, she was my nanny, my friend and my protector. She took her duties of raising her family very seriously and loved us all unconditionally. She had the utmost respect for all God’s creatures and never met anyone or any creature she didn’t like, for her the world was simply full of un-met friends.

Plagued by many ailments throughout her life, she asked for nothing but to be respected. She fought them all and beat them all, but she fought them on her terms–HD, IBD and Cushing’s Disease was a constant battle for her. When her last diagnosis yielded yet another ailment for her, Mega Esophagus, her beautiful brown eyes told me, “No more”. She was tired and she was done fighting. As she let me know as a pup coming into our lives, she let me know then she was ready for the next phase. I gave her the respect and dignity she deserved by helping her to the Bridge. She went peacefully in my arms surrounded by the adult human and canine family she had successfully raised. She sent me a song as she passed, it was just like her to let me know she was just fine: “You’ll remember me, when the west wind blows upon the fields of barley. You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of gold.” – Sting We scattered her ashes today upon the cliffs that overlook the town she was born in, raised in and loved in.
I miss my beautiful Tess, but take comfort knowing
that I’ll see her again….


We miss you...
2, May 2005