Thumper by Victoria Hewlett / Victoria

Thumper was a rabbit with such a pesonality.
He would throw anything from a straw to a remote control. Well he was so small and sweet it made me smile to see his twitching nose. He was my secound faverite pet of 7 and will always have a place in my heart. He died of worms while i was at school. He is now buried out beside my fence. I miss him dearly.

But when I see his cute face in my mind I think happy thoughts. Ill never forget the little fellows cute bulky teeth that looked as if they needed braces. I hope this story will help others suffering from a lost pet. A pet can be a big part of peoples lifes. All I can say now about thumper is. Big things come in small packages.

I miss you my small furry buddy.

My little thumper.


In memory
Victoria Hewlett