Tia by Lisa, Kristin, Scott, Steph & Steve / Your family

Tia, Tia so soft and fluffy
She was the world’s cutest puppy
She was so happy all of the time,
And in my heart she will always be mine.
We love her so much,
we always will.
She gave our lives such a thrill.
She was the sweetest, jovial dog.

We miss her so much
and wish she was here
she was more than a dog, but a blessing
that was to us very dear.
We hope she’s with the angels up in heaven.
And always knows that we love her more than we can every explain
this poem does not do justice
for the great dog she was and the amount of love we have for her.
Tia, I wish you could read this
or just know you are always on our minds
and that we love you- more than anything.
We cherish all of the memories
and happy thoughts that you leave behind
and also your cute ways will stay close in our hearts
Thank you for being such a great, happy dog!
You always made us happy.


We love you sweet Tia,
18, Apr 2004
Lisa, Kristin, Scott, Steph & Steve