Tiki Tigger by Angelica Wirasandjaja / Angie – forever yours

I first walked in to this pet store at the Block of Orange, California, with my partner, some time around noon, which I believe on Saturday, July 9, 2005. We looked around not intending to get another kitty because we already have 2 kitties at home, and we live in a 1-bedroom apartment. There were many exotic cats out there, like Himalayan, Persian, etc. But we noticed this one special dark orange tabby sweetheart from the back curled up sleeping in the corner of a cage with the other two Himalayans. We didn’t even see his face yet.

I specifically asked the sales person if I could hold him and play with him for a while. So he let him out and gave him to me. We sat in a small space where “prospective adopters” would introduce themselves to the pet of their choice. He had very pronounced stripes around his legs, stomach, and cheeks, with a great mannerism and indescribable cuteness! I fell in love as a matter of one second and talked to my partner that we should adopt him to be the new member of the family. He agreed.

So, we went to the counter to pay. It cost us $50 including his first shot. I asked the salesman how old he was, and he said that he would be 3 month old on July 14, and that’s the day of my partner’s birthday. That made him almost 3 months old when we got him… what a babydoll! April 14, 2005, was the day he was born into this world.

So, I told my partner that this baby kitten is one of his birthday gift from me. We walked out the store and drove home.

On the way home I was thinking really hard what to name him. A-ha! I would name him TIGGER. It sounded like perfect because of his stripes–just like what tigers have and Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger has! Tigger, hm… sounds so “macho” for this little precious one… I just gave a nickname “Tiki” for easy calling; after all, it sounded cuter, don’t you think?

For the first time he saw himself in the mirror (we had a huge mirrored closets in the room), and Tiki Tigger jumped and all his fur was standing up trying to imitate how a big cat would fight!

It was a difficult week for my partner and I to introduce Tiki to our existing and loving adult cats, Willy and Cory. Willy was used to new comers, but Cory, whom so far was the baby of the family, never imagined there would be another kitty in the house. So, Cory got scared of him for some reason. I’m sure Tiki felt like he just “took over the world”. We wouldn’t let any of them go out the house until they got along. A week had passed by, and they finally acted as true brothers! I was so relieved…

Tiki had brought nothing but prosperous bundle of joy to my life! I took him to an electronic store, to a computer swapmeet, to ‘In and Out’ where he would eat not just the meet but the buns and the tomatoes too, to supermarket, pretty much almost everywhere… I was so proud when I had him in my arms other people would stop and complimented at my baby Tiki how cute and adorable he was.

Then when he was about 7 months old, he started to go out–following his big brother, Cory, since Cory is 50% outdoor and 50% indoor cat. That’s fine, I thought. He wanted to see the rest of the world and what is out there… Let him explore… After all, cats are, by nature, a curious animal.

He began to experience his first home, his first owners who loved him so very much, his first new brothers, his first rain, his first thunder, his first Halloween, his first Thanksgivings, his first Christmas (which we got all our cats a sweater!), his first New Year, and his first Valentine’s Day too!

Have I said that Tiki Tigger had brought me nothing but everlasting bundle of joy? Yes, he truly is. He always slept with me, as we shared the same pillow, and every time my partner or I went to the bathroom, he would follow and jumped to the back of the toilet counter! We fed them with love and took an excellent care of him, including taking him to the vet to be neutered and stuff. Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last very long…

Just this past Friday, March 10, around 7:30 a.m. our home phone rang, but since it was too early in the morning, I tend to ignore calls. I told my partner not to pick up. So, I got up an hour later and fed my cats, but I didn’t see Tiki around. I just thought that maybe he went outside, which often time he did. I thought he’d come back soon when he knew there was food in his plates waiting. He loved food too much anyway; how could he pass it? So, I went to work as normal. Around 8:35 a.m. my partner called me and said, “Remember the phone call you told me not to pick up?”
I said yes, “It was about Tigger.”

I felt my heart stopped beating a few times. The uneasy, upset, and shocking feeling striked me all of a sudden. My partner continued, “A neighbor had been trying to call us to let us know… TIGGER WAS HIT BY A CAR!!! He’s on the street laying down there, and they couldn’t just let him there, so she said she called an Animal Control to pick him up.”

I was suddenly speechless and my vision became dark… I was out of breath at the same time as soaking wet with my tears, which I several times choked myself… I was at work and ran down to the lobby and sat in the corner to let my cry out, like a kid. There was a heavy foot traffic where people just went passing me by. Some people approached me to ask me if I was alright. I said no, of course not!!! But, one begged me to say a prayer together with him about Tiki so he may go directly to heaven and punish this I-will-never-forget-and-forgive-for-many-thousands-years-to-come driver!

My precious angel Tiki just got hit by this idiotic, retarded driver! As shocking it was to me, as it was to my partner, and to my friends, I remained silent. No words out, just plainly cries and more cries. My co-worker suggested that I should take a day-off. So, I went home.

I remembered my partner said that there was no blood. How could it be possible when a living being was hit by a car and there’s no blood involved? I just thought it was impossible! Many thoughts and ideas came to my mind, which I became 50% convinced the other possibility: my neighbor could tell a lie that my Tiki could be stolen instead of died. After all, according to my partner, there was no blood or tire mark on the street and no animal control had yet called me to inform this. Wouldn’t you think the animal control who picked up a dead body or a n animal hospital where your pet’s medical records are kept, would call you, the owner, especially when your beloved pet had a name tag, collar, and a microchip on? I would!

I was on the edge of my doubt. I received a few of emotional supports from my friends and suggested that I should call 3 places: the microchip company to “track” where he could be, the hospital where they have my baby’s medical records, and the animal control who picked up lost and dead animals. I did, but all they said that they hadn’t received any information turned in, and that an animal control would have already notified me. They even told me to check the “LOST AND FOUND” within their website. I did, and I didn’t find my baby.

All day, I had these mixed confusions… If it is true what my neighbor said, that my baby was hit by a car, then he surely would pass away. But then wouldn’t you think an animal control would call you, esp. with all the proper identification my baby had with him all the time? But since they didn’t, then was it wrong of me for somehow believing that someone “took” him from me–in other words, they stole Tiki? I was informed that there was no blood, no call from Animal Control, and no news from the microchip company, so the chance could be that he was stolen. On the other hand, if only my partner would come and look –after all that’s what my neighbor asked him if he wanted to see the cat–, which he refused because he couldn’t take it to see our baby boy laying dead on the street, then I didn’t have to doubt and think of the other possibility of Tiki being stolen. At least I would know that Tiki, indeed, was hit by a STUPID car!!! Now, I have a doubt that’s been bugging me from day to day.

The next day, on Saturday night, around 11:15 p.m., I went to the same website of OCPETINFO.COM, and with all my odd guts and random perplexed feelings, I decided to browse the “DECEASED PETS” list. There I found an information that seemed to be a close description of Tiki: Male, Short Haired Domestic Orange Tabby Cat, Location Found was at Cabrillo/Fruit Street in the city of Santa Ana. My guts told me it was my Tiki, but then there was neither age nor
ID collar information listed.

Yesterday morning, Sunday, March 13, I felt that some spirit had whispered to my ears that what I thought it was on the “DECEASED PETS” list on the website I looked the night before was Tiki Tigger information. From then on I knew that it was him, although I still didn’t receive any calls from the Animal Control, pet hospital, and the microchip company. At that very moment, I was convinced that Tiki wasn’t stolen. My neighbor was telling the truth that a car had irresponsibly hit my precious little angel!

I still don’t know where his body is, perhaps he’s buried there with the Animal Control property with their registered ID of receipt when they found him on the street. All I know that he’s in heaven, with Jesus and all His angels. He’s with many millions of other kitties above… looking down at me to tell me that he’s alright there and that he’d better be there. Who knows what it might happen should he still be alive, passing his 1st year of birthday, on April 14? Something terrible that I wouldn’t be able to handle and that I could probably have a mental breakdown finding out he had an incurable disease should he still be alive… I think he’s safe where he is now.

Then your website gave me strength… where a tribute of my Tiki Tigger has now been posted with his picture and a short poem… and now with this story I’m sharing with all of you… I want you all to know that Tiki Tigger has always been a part of my life and will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart. Also, I decided to light up a personalized & pictured candle every the 10th of every month, here at my home patio and on the street where he was last seen by others.

In loving memory of Tiki Tigger, for he will be missed in heaven above, just as he was so loved on earth!!!

[Though you’re not yet one year old until April 14 and though you’re only four days away from being 11-months-old on the 14th of March, I shall say this with all my deepest, purest heart: REST IN PEACE, my love! I have been, am, and will forever be your best friend, your mommy, your big sister, and your soulmate whenever and wherever you are. I just learn and know that you are very happy at where you are right now. God has chosen a designated place for you, as you now have your own personal “bed to sleep on” and “playground to play at” that I couldn’t possibly give you anymore, but you know I did.]

[Tiki, you’re my angel, the love of my life. Please never forget that! As difficult as it is to let you go, I’m gonna have to. I will always say a prayer and birthday wishes as well as light up a candle for you on the 10th, so that you may visit me all the time, as my door will EVER be open to you… Remember, my dear love, your journey didn’t end here, yet it’s only a beginning to your true, happy, and everlasting life!]

[I love you so, so dearly,
and I will always be here for you
and you only… eternally.]

April 14, 2005 – March 10, 2006


Keep on smiling and sleeping in the bed of roses in heaven,
Tiki Tigger
Angelica Wirasandjaja