Timber by The Miles Family / The Miles Family :)

For the last 17 yrs our family was blessed with a Male Cat named Timber. Timber knew we loved all animals, he knew we would help find the homes of a missing animal, or the healing a bird or mouse would need. It never stop amazing us that timber would bring home a stray cat, or a mouse in his mouth that needed help, a humming bird even once that had a broken wing, he would bring them home to get help. He lasted rescue came at a cost, he again brought home a male pretty cat who had a collar but was lost. After a week of trying to make friends with this little cat I was able to read the phone number on the collar, a little old women answered the phone I had asked about the cat,
he had been missing for two month.

The owner lived 15 miles away. The joy on this little old lady’s face when her beloved cat walked up to her knowing he had been reunited with his MOMMA.. Timber again help his feline friend. Later that night a wild cat attacked him and hurt him bad, he was already 17 yrs old with a tumor on his neck, his health was poor,the infection hit him hard and fast and today he went to sleep in my arms. We will miss him dearly. I will continue to help any animal that comes to our door, we have a feeling ,even though Timber is not here, his spirit will live on forever helping animals find there way.


All of our love
The Miles Family