Timmy Kimbell Kuykendall by Lisa D. Kuykendall / and Always

My son, it is so hard to write this, even so many days have passed. I can still feel you in my heart and see your sweet little smile and still await for you when I unlock the door. Thank you son, thank you for everything you gave to me. You are not gone and you never, ever will be. You are my baby one and you always and forever will be. The bestest the ‘maartesst, the funniest, the sweetest.

I just had to do something to let you know that daddy has not forgotten you and I never, ever will, I promise you with all my heart. Daddy loves you little man, and I have not forgotten. I feel you in my dreams and I feel you in my heart, all the laughter we had and all the tears, none of it will ever leave daddy I promise you my timmtimm. NEVER.

Daddy loves you and I can’t wait to see you again, I’ll meet you there with your grampa, okay. No smokin no cigars, tho, alright?????? heeeeeeee.

I love you Tim. I love you SO.


Timmy Kimbell Kuykendall
10, Mar 2005
Lisa D. Kuykendall