TIMMY KIMBELL KUYKENDALL by Lisa Dawn Kuykendall and Dana Ka / Daddy


You are not gone from my heart or my soul. My Timmy,,, My babyboy. To this day I can’t get over it. Please help me to. Daddy is awful sick, lil one. They think I may have cancer. Of all things the one disease I am most scared of. I miss you so much, Tim. You were and are the only one I could turn to. Your smiling little face, Your mommie is here with me now, and she wants you to know that she loves you. You were the only thing that kept us together at times. Tim, I love you so my sweetheart. Your brothers do, too. I think they know about you but it’s probably my crazy mind. How could a dog mean so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much to anyone? Every day, all day, I think of you. I love you, my little boy. I always will and I will see you soon,
when I get to heaven…


I will see you soon when I get to heaven, my sweet lil boy
10, Mar 2004
Lisa Dawn Kuykendall and Dana Ka