Tina by Kathy Sacksteder / Mommy

Inside my shirt
you wiggled and squirmed
‘Til into my heart
your way you wormed

So tiny and frail
with eyes still closed
who’d guess someday
you’d punch my nose?

And the little tan spot
upon your tail
I tried to scrub off
to no avail!

Through sun filled days
and cold dark nights
we’ve laughed and played
and had our frights!

When our family was split
and then split again
Babies! – Oh how I cried!
And when disease came
and so many died
you gave me your love
your hope, your pride!

From frailty you came
now frailty’s returned
How can I get through this again?
Strength you gave
so strength I’ll return
Together we’ll fight once again!

My Little Girl, My Precious One
Please don’t give up without a fight!
It can’t be your time – you’re still so young!
Please don’t slip into your Last Goodnight!

My Precious Girl, My Little One
How do I let go without a fight?
But if indeed, your time has come
don’t worry ’bout me, I’ll be alright
and please slip into your Last Goodnight.


I'll love you forever,
11, Mar 2003
Kathy Sacksteder