Tina by Sherry Mitchell / Tina {written by Sue Camadeca}

To My Mamma

Please don’t cry, Dear Mamma
And please don’t be so sad.
If you could only see me now,
It’d make your heart feel glad!

I’ve seen the tears that you have shed
And I just don’t know why…
When I’m so happy where I am,
I wish you wouldn’t cry!

I’ve romped down streets all lined with gold,
I’ve heard the angels sing,
I got to sit on Jesus’ lap,
And hid ‘neath a cherub’s wing!

And all the little children
Who come running up to me..
They take me right into their arms,
It’s such a sight to see!

I don’t smile with my tail now,
I smile now, with my heart.
I’m sure you know just how that works,
You’ve done it from the start!

I don’t see with my eyes here,
I see things with my soul.
I have no aches..I have no pain…
Cuz God has made me whole!

I prance right thru the rainbows
And I dance among the clouds…
And welcome all new furry friends,
OH! You would be so proud!

God said my heart is filled with love
(And THAT…I got from you!)
I’ve made new friends….they’re EVERYWHERE,
They say you loved THEM too!

There’s Joshua and there’s Jason,
There’s Jenny and there’s more!
There’s even PEOPLE here who say
That they’ve loved you before!

I just can’t wait to see you,
Though I know it’ll be a while,
Then we’ll ALWAYS be together….
Doesn’t that make your heart smile?

Forever is a long , long time
But that’s how it will be,
But Mamma…..I can’t come to you,
So, you must come to me!

And here….we’ll live forever
Where we’ll want for nothing more,
And live for all eternity…
On Heaven’s Kingdom Shore


Mamma, I love you and I always will,
19, Oct 2003
Sherry Mitchell