Tina by Steve and Nancy / All our love Steve, Nancy and Daisy

“OUR Precious Girl”

The day that you arrived
you were a mere handful in size
You waltzed into our lives
and became our greatest prize.

You always loved to be outside
you loved to go for rides
You enjoyed fishing with dad
but more times we wish we had.

You had all kinds of nicknames
including you little “Pooper”
Mom always said
you were quite a “Trooper”.

Even though you were here
for such a short while
You had your special way
to make everyone smile.

From the moment of your birth
your tail has always waved
But on April 18th
it just couldn’t be saved.

We had a happy short twelve years
we couldn’t let you suffer so
When that dreadful moment came
we had to let you go.

We love you so very much Tina
seems all we do is cry
We know your at the bridge
tell Lacey, Snickers, Candy, Sadie
and friends we said hi.

After all our grieving is over and done
our “Precious Girl”
will still
be # 1.

Tina,we promise you”ll stay
forever in our hearts
we’re waiting for the day my
“Precious Girl”
when we’ll never have to part.


Forever In Our Hearts,
18, Apr 2005
Steve and Nancy