Tinker by Lukychrn



May 1984 ----- September 11 1999




T oday our hearts' heavy and sad.

A ball of fluff in the beginning,

An old woman in age.

You left this world free.

Free of aches and pains.



I n all our lives,

She has been there.

Through all our joys and sorrows.

All of the highs and the lows.

But gone now for all the tomorrows.



N o one to cuddle with.

No one to crawl under the blankets.

No one to leave muddy paw prints.

No pet can take her place,

Not even one that is new.



K eeping us safe from harm.

Her bark more feared then her bite.

Protective of all in her life.

Always on guard ready to fight.



E ach and every day she had an affect.

Our lives touched in some kind of special way.

We will always be grateful.



R emembering her through our love.

She will always be kept alive.

We will meet again someday

Up above in the heaves.

Somewhere in that big sky.

Just remember will always love you.

Even from the start

Because you left paw prints

In each of our hearts.




O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8 O8

(One paw print for each year in our lives)