Tinkerbell by April Hogan / April

She came to us from a ugly little mutt that only had one puppy. She was nice to me and my mom only until we had to move to our grandma’s house she liked her for feeding her but she hated anybody else who was around us. She was a good protector of the family. I still miss her and I wish I could share one last day with her in my arms.

It is sad to think I will never see her again that cute little face but I know she is not as sick as she used to be. Fleas would always eat her up and I think she had awful mange. She was sick but she was never that sad and acted as if it never hurt her.

My dad is the one who broke her rib and the same thing happened to my other dog I have now. I hate him for doing this to my dogs but I can’t do anything about it so by my little angel.


With love,
April Hogan