Tinkerbell by Catherine


" Tinkerbell "

Oct. 23 1988 ---- Nov. 4 1998


My Little Angel


God sent you to me

From heaven up above

My sweet little angel

So full of love


I remember the day

I first saw your face

That black little mask

It made my heart race


"Tinkerbell" that’s her name

I knew in a beat

My cute little angel

So lively so sweet


The years just flew by

You grew and you grew

Best friends we became

Just me and you


We read together

We went for walks

Any heaven knows

We even had talks


Now God has taken

This angel of mine

So sudden so quick

Not even a sign


Not a minute goes by

I don’t see your face

There’s so much about you

No time can erase


The circles you’d spin

Just before sitting down

Just picking your spot

You were such a clown


The way you scooped your food

All up in your mouth

Just to take it to the carpet

And spit it all out


Then you’d bark and bark

Telling that food to mind

Then once it did

On it you would dine


Remember when you had puppies

In my closet on my shoes

One each: red white and brown

How could anyone choose?


Remember rides in the boat

On the bow you would stand

With your head held up high

So regal and so grand


The time has come to say to goodbye

Though my heart aches it’s true

Ten years of love you’ve given

Where would I be without you?


While I miss you sorely

We’ll never really part

My sweetest little angel

Forever in my heart.