Tiny ‘ Ty by Ginger / Courtney Edwards / Momma and Courtney Edwards

Tiny ” Ty ” was born at 1:22 a.m. on March 8, 2005. I was there watching him come into this world. I was so happy. I wanted to wake everyone in the house up to tell them we had puppies! Tiny ‘Ty ‘ was the first one of 7 puppies and the tinest one. He was so weak he couldn’t nurse from his mom. I had to go buy some puppy milk and a bottle to feed him. I nursed him every hour, just a couple sips at a time. I did this for 5 days.

On Sunday, Ty started getting real weak and stopped nursing. All he did was cry and I had no idea what to do for him. I was holding him when he stopped breathing. I tried to blow some gentle breaths of air back into him but it didn’t work. He was gone and all I could do was cry. How could I get so attached to something so fast. I loved that little puppy so much. Now he is in heaven waiting for me and
Courtney to come get him.


We Love you,
Tiny ' Ty
Ginger / Courtney Edwards