Tippy by Julie Arfsten / Your Mama, Julie

Tippy My Love,

Such a special girl you were
I truly did love you so.

Going to miss you for sure
so sorry you had to go.

My love will never go away
in my heart you’ll always remain.

Memories of you will stay
and your Spirit I shall retain.

Even though my heart is breaking
I know you are well again.

But that doesn’t stop the aching
a new life you now begin.

I wish you were still here
but in a sense you are.

As on a night so clear
I gaze up at a star.


The Rainbow Bridge you have gone
I will see you there someday.

Now my Spirit will move on
until this day I do Pray.

Together Again We Will Be
“For Always”


Love you girl,
24, Mar 2005
Julie Arfsten