Tippy by Sandy / Mama Sandy

It’s been 3 years since we are apart. You are home to be with Jesus til the day I come home. You gave me love and comfort when I cry or hurt. You gave me joy that I never had.
We used to play and sleep together. I will always remember these things we has done.

“To my dear Beloved Tippy”

Ever since when my mom had to go to hop and stayed for 3 days while I was at dad’s. I could have taken you with me but my brother would stay home with you. But now you are taken away from me by someone who poisoned you. I wish I know who did that to you. You were so sick when we came home that late evening. It has been a hard year for me to go on without you for 3 years. It’s too fast for me when you are gone from me. You always be in the house if it too hot or cold. Shelter you from rain and snow. Your fur would rub against my face that I would laugh at night. You makes me laugh everyday when you play with cherry tomatoes in summer. And snow ball in winter. You are very fun to be with. And I know that you are happy.

Oh, my dear Tippy, Since your mama passed away of very bad seizure month before I lost you. I can not believe why someone would take you away from me so soon. You died in my arm. And I could only cry worse. Before you died in my arm you have done something that I never did see before. You have listen to my comfort of words and your face glowed. Your eyes shine and you has died in my arm. You are only one year old. And I miss you so very much. I have cry so hard for months and year and barely came outside when you’re not there at first. I’m glad that you are not suffering anymore after what someone did to you. I miss you by every second of everyday. I’m still grieving for you. But still I know you are happy with your mama, Lady. Your love are still with me. I know that someday I will come and see you to be with Jesus til my time is up.
I love you and mama will always remember you.


With love,
27, March 2003