TJ by Donna

To my beloved TJ I love and miss you so deeply. I felt I had to let you rest I really was so selfish for waiting I was only thinking of my pain but I finally made the decision to let you be at peace but I still refuse to let go. When you passed away a part of me died with you and is still dying. The pain I feel is almost too much to bare. There is such a void in my life without you. Oh Teegee!!! I miss you and love you so. Please forgive me you trusted in me and I feel so guilty and yet I know you didn’t enjoy your life anymore. You couldn’t see anymore and you hurt yourself chewing on yourself all the time until you would bleed and cry. I was so afraid to leave you alone. Thank you Teegee for being my friend and giving me unconditional love.

I love you little man. Love you mommy



14, November 2000