Toby by Gene Failor / POP

We loved that wimpering puppy from the beginning. He was cute, and quickly accepted us. I wanted a lab to hunt pheasants and waterfowl, and Toby took to it right away. We spent many wonderful days afield. He was always enthusiastic about hunting, and particularly loved sniffing out and retrieving pheasants. At home, he was a fine gentleman. I wish I had not had him neutered, but I did not give any thought to eventually losing him. I was hopeful that Toby could live to 13 years old, but he began to experience liver failure, and reluctantly I took the vet’s advice to put him to sleep. That was a very tough day for me, almost as difficult as having lost my wife just 5 years previously. I could not face the prospect of living here alone. I found a 3 year old yellow lab named Levi at the Maryland Lab Rescue, and he has been a great source of comfort. But I still miss Toby; he could never be replaced.


I will always love you, Toby.
Gene Failor