Toby by Lindakay

A small bundle of fur came
to live with me today.
He became my life my reason to stay.
I never thought he would have to go
I never knew I would love him so.

For many years through good and bad
This little dog shared my life my soul.
I only wish when he got old
I could have made him whole.

A small bundle of fur
with a heart so brave.
Then the sad day came
when I had to dig his grave.
This bundle of fur lay
so still in my arms
Yet through the pain and tears
I felt his love his charms.

So much love he had shown to me.
The tears flowed down my face
I could not see.
Then I
layed him down to rest
in the ground so cold
Oh my little Toby
why did you have to grow old.

You were a gift from God above
but you could not stay
So rest in peace my little one
in heaven up above.
A small bundle of fur
left me today
And took with him my love.



24, Jan 2001