Toby by Nan, Gary Kane / Mom, Dad – Nan, Gary Kane

My dearest Toby,

I never will forget the day I found you along a road, eating out of a garbage bag. You needed love and warm place to lay your little head. You were so afraid when I first brought you to our house. Just a little puppy. But soon, you were the ruler of all the animals in our house! You had the nickname “The Boss”, because you bossed all the others around! You were and are still very much loved by us! When you were diagnosed with Glaucoma, in July, 2007, your little body tried to hang on as long as it could. But some other sickness took you. I wish I knew what it was. You will never be forgotten. You are with Patches, our beloved cat, who went just before you, in July of 2007. I know, as your Mom, you were spared very much suffering, and now you are pain free. Rest well!


We love you with all our hearts,
29, Sep 2007
Nan, Gary Kane