Toby by Your Family / Momma, Daddy, Lauren, Connor

Toby we are sorry for what happened. Lauren (me)is sorry that she wasn’t there to see you or say my last good bye. I miss you soooo much. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. Your playing with
other dogs at Rainbow Bridge.

Sophie and Bella have been very down and trying
to cheer me up. I have been having feelings that
you’re still here.

Hi Toby baby, it’s Mommy. Baby,I’m so sorry. I’m afraid I was selfish and held on to you a little too long. I deluded myself into thinking that you were doing ok on the pain medicine. I know that you were only holding on for me and the kids. I thought it was going to kill me that night when the vet gave you that shot and I held your head. I couldn’t leave you and I wanted my touch and my voice telling you how much I loved you to be the last thing you experienced. The house feels so empty now, even with the other animals here. Everyone deeply feels your loss and I promise you baby, we will grieve for you until we meet in heaven. You are forever Momma’s Baby Boy.

Hi Toby. It’s Connor.
I’m glad that you’re not hurting anymore but I miss you so much. I hope that you’re having fun with the other dogs in heaven. I really hope that you’re happy up there. You were so sad on earth before you died because you had bone cancer. I miss you so much.

“We all miss you.”


Always in our thoughts and hearts,
Your Family