Tom by Megan Ryan / Megan, your loving sister

My dearest Tom,

I got you when I was so little,
But I can always remember you,
You were so cute and small,
and sat on the duvet in the grass with me!

The memories with you were all kinds of emotions
sad, tragic and funny!
But the saddest memory that’ll always remember
is your horrible death!

I still remember that summers evening
just like yesterday,
All of use were so very suspicious
why were you not at home yet?!

That day I found out you got eating by dogs,
I was horrible sad and hurt and angry,
Your death is still a mark in my heart
not one cat could replace you.

Some days I think do you want me to move on?
Because I am now eleven.

If only there was a ladder I could climb,
I’d bring you back down,
Are wishes just in fairytales
sometimes I do wonder!

I miss you much and I always do,
But the thing that make the world spin ’round,
Is that I know your right beside me.


I'll always love you,
7, May 2001
Megan Ryan