Tom by Rachel Gordon / Strong hearted

Tom was a great cat. He took care of the kids, and was loved dearly. One day the cat did not come to get his meal. I went outside and called his name but only the wind answered. My sister, Rebekah, looked everywhere to find the missed cat. He was not found. We left food for him but he was not there to eat it. Tom was a old cat. My mother thought that he was dead, but I did not give up.

One day my father and grandfather was cleaning up the yard. My sister and I went outside to help. I was pulling a huge branch to the woods but I noticed a sun bleached skull laying right beside of Tom’s favorite pole to sit beside. I stopped to see what it was. It was a cat skull… about the size of Tom’s head. It was all that was left of our beloved Tom. I cradled it in my hands as I thought of my dead cat.

I could not leave it I layed it in a bunch of flowers. Tears dropped down my cheeks. Tom is not gone, he is still in my memories.


Rachel Gordon