Tonton by Rachel / Mummy

Tonton was the first dog that I ever had. She was given to us from some Turkish people who were moving and could not take her with them. Her name means fat or chubby, so they could not of chosen
a more suitable name for her.

She was the most spoiled and loved dog that could of entered my life. She was always up to something, and most of the time it was trouble. She loved her toys and her food. She did the funniest things, and because of that everyone
that met her fell in love with her also.

She made so many little doggy friends, so they were always over to play with her. 6 months later she got her first little brother, and I no that she felt the strain of having another puppy around the house. After some time, she found that there were some benefits with having Jesse. She could get him into trouble, which she would, and she also found that there was more food put out, which she took advantage off.

Two weeks after her 4th Birthday, she got sick. I didn’t think that it was anything serious because she had been like this before and had gotten better. I didn’t do anything for a few days, but when there was no improvement she was taken to the vets. She was there for Two nights, when they rung and told me that she had passed away.
She had a neurological disease.

The shock and grief that went through my body was unbearable. But with her attitude, I know that she is having a ball in heaven. Jesse joined her there this month, so I can imagine the trouble that
those two are getting up to.

I hope that they are showing each other the love that I would love to show them now. I love you, and I miss you with all of my heart. I look forward to the day that we can all be together again.
It cannot come soon enough.


With Love,