TOOTIE by Krystie Luetkemeyer / From TOOTIE

With Love from Tootie

I know you think I’ve gone away,
but I am with you everyday…..
I’m in the sun so warm and bright…
I’m even in the darkest night…
I’m in the buzzing of the bees,
I’m even in the rustling of the trees…
I know you miss me this much is true,
but I wouldn’t want you to be blue…
I’ve gone to be with God above,
surrounded by his grace and love…
I’ve got plenty to eat, and the angels are so sweet…..
They play with me my favorite games, and
I know each and every one of them by name….
We play fetch and run and such,
and I enjoy it very much….
I know you did your very best,
to give me peace to give me rest….
Now don’t you cry now don’t you fret,
I’ll see you all again you bet…
We’ll all meet again on the other side,
where once again I can be your guide….
To meet again someday up above,
that will be my gift to you
with all my love….


With love to all my family,
18, Mar 2005
Krystie Luetkemeyer