Top Gun by Forness


I'm Happy

" Top Gun "

Nov. 10 1987 -------- Aug. 30 1998

Husky / Shepherd



It has been said that there is no greater love

than when a man lays down his life for another.

But that speaks of battles or singular events where

heroism is displayed amidst the carnage of war or violence.


No the greatest love is that shown by a dog for his master.

Top Gun that's what you showed me - love that was shown day after day,

without interruption for your entire life.


There won't be any grave site eulogy nor ribbons for valor.

Besides they are fleeting and only made of cloth.

When you died the heavens wept and wailed,

for we all must die and always too soon.


You died in our house in my arms with no others as witness to your

final struggle to stay alive not for yourself but for me so you could

spend whatever hours or days God deemed we still had left giving me all

you had.


You were so full of qualities that mere men can only aspire to.

You didn't ask for reciprocity for your love.

You gave it every minute and every day and I knew it.

You never judged me by appearance power or money.


You only judged me by the kindness of my heart and hand.

And my tribute is the memory of your total unconditional,

unwavering love and devotion to me.

Never has a man been so blessed.



Love and Adoration Rapt Attention " Baddest Dude in the Hood.. "

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Top Gun