Topaz by Ashley

I entered the petshop
Eyes wide with joy.
My new friends need a house
And food treats a toy!
I choose a sparkling white
A silvery grey.
Don’t be scared little mice
You’re going home today.

As I reach in my hand
I hope they won’t bite.
Away they dive and scamper out of site.
I can see they don’t want me in their lair
“My sweet pets don’t love me!”
I cry out in despair.
When shaking and trembling and looking around
The little grey sweetheart leaps from the ground
And finds a resting spot- my hand.

A friendship is born
We both get what we need.
I get my affection.
She gets her seed.
The days come to pass
Just me and my mice.
Poor Topaz outlives her cagemate-twice!

One day I peered in
To see what was the matter.
There had been a fight
She was just a bit battered.
I wisked her away
To a cage on her own.
But I didn’t want her
To live on her own.
So I bought her mouse
To be her best friend.
Stella soon died
She was alone once again.

Topaz grew older
Her thin coat was dull grey.
She slept more and more
Though she still tried to play.
She ate less food
Never ran on her wheel.
She was still my Topaz
Still had her old zeal.
I developed a ritual
Whenever I was leaving
I scooped her up in my arms.
Making sure she was breathing.

When the Spring finally came
And there was music in the air
Topaz crossed the Bridge.
I wish I’d been there.
I’m sure it’s for the best
To see her last breath
Would be more than my poor heart could bear.

Now as the tears flow
I just want you to know.
Of the little grey jewel
That broke my heart
And warmed my home.



7, April 2001