Torri by Elizabeth

No person so strong could take away the pain
No smile so wide could bring you back again.

There is no one who will ever be
A friend like you were to me.

Growing up you stood by my side
My friend my sister our family’s pride.

Watching me teeter with choices and pain
Laying beside me with nothing to gain.

You were there when the going got rough
And when a softball was missed you told me never give up.

You grew up with me through good times and bad
But I never quite understood the friendship we had.

Its hard to go home to a place you are not
Its scary to realize you truly are gone.

I understand you tried all you could
But that it was your time and God took you above.

I am sorry I was at school and didn’t have time to say
Elizabeth’s Golden Victorri thanks for all the great days!

Thanks to you my wonderful friend and companion I made it through middle high school and college. Without you I may not have been as complete as I am today. You stood by my side through my happiest times and saddest. I appreciate you more than you will ever know and I can’t wait to see your smile someday waiting for me in heaven. Torri you will never be forgotten.



24, Oct 2000