Toshiba by Gail Siciliano / Your Loving Mommy


I adopted you when they were going to put you down at 1 1/2, not knowing your history. It was the best years of my life. Last December 16, 2004 was the hardest day of my life, worst then having breast cancer in 1999. You told me you had enough, you were 13. For an Akita that is very old. I was blessed, I knew you were heathly, happy and mommys little girl. Oliver (7 year old Akita, her bud), he is doing fine now, was very upset but knew you were old, he understands now, mommy is still hurting.

You were there for me when I was getting better and made me hold on, then it was your time, getting old, mommy did everything for you…Life is empty without you “kiki”, “Wendy”, still go by our old places with ollie and call your name. Anyway, I just need to say, I will always
have you in my heart!

When I lay down at night, your picture, when I wake up, your picture, I know you are looking over me (us) now. I love you, You’re the best thing that ever happened to me!!!


Never stop missing you,
16, Dec 2004
Gail Siciliano