Towanda by Craig Hamblin and Don Craghead / Craig, Don, Lucy,Tux, Roxie and Mitsy

We thank God, the Creator of all life, for the 14 and a half years we were privileged to enjoy Towanda’s time with us, and for the happy memories she gave us.

She courageously endured until she could no longer stand alone. Now she stands with God and waits for us.

Towanda has fulfilled the purpose
for which God gave her to our family.

She shared our laughter and our tears, our moods and our meals, our walks and our talks. Now, from grateful hearts, we give her back to God, Who gave her to us
to love and cherish.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for giving us Towanda to love and care for. Now that her life among us is over, we give her back to You, Who gave her life and breath. We are grateful for all her endearing traits, and for the ways she brought happiness into our home and laughter into our lives. Grant us pleasant memories of this dear friend who shared our family life and gave us happy years.
Good bye, faithful friend.

Rest in Peace.


With Love,
8, Nov 2007
Craig Hamblin and Don Craghead