Tramp by Karen



June 22 1988 ----- July 3 2000




A little black puppy,

Came tumbling down,

Straight from Heaven's arms,

Right into mine.


Light of my life,

These past 12 years.

I lost you today,

Awash in my tears.


More love couldn't have come,

Through one blessed soul.

For you had the ability,

To make me feel whole.


No matter where I may venture,

In life from hereout,

I can never forget you,

Let there be no doubt.


That my love is faithful,

Honest and true.

You were my best friend,

Your passing I rue.


Never was a mommy so lucky,

To have a sweet love.

You loved without question,

You came from above.


May sweet angels hold you,

So close in their arms,

You'll hear their hearts beating,

There far from harm.


Suffering is over,

Peace you now find.

Because you were most faithful,

Patient loving and kind.


Karen Dilbeck


{Tramp's mommy}