Trevor Franco by Toni Jean Franco / MOMMY

In the year of 1991, I brought Trevor home….
He was the most adorable Baby Maltese…. I was a happy MOMMY.
Trevor became the king of the family. My Daughters like I,
adored him so….
As, the years went by… Trevor was full of love and fun. Always, wanted his Treats… Especially when Grandma came in…
Grandma was his love too.
Trevor stayed by my side forever…. Everywhere I went he followed, and layed down right next to me. He was so happy, when ever I entered the house…. with jumps and kisses…. Surely my love.
Trevor is missed so very much…. My days now are sad… I long for his licks and me picking him up and hugging and kissing him…..
Even Madison and Sydney, my two Cats… know something is wrong, and someone is missing… Sydney is always, going under the bed, to check for him and bother him… they were good Friends.

I know Trevor is in Rainbow Bridge…
running around and enjoying all the other animals….
But, I also know he knows, I will be there someday….. and he will be with me forever, as we both cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Love you so much Trevor, miss you more.
Trevor Franco
Toni Jean Franco