Trinket Joy by Linda Sasser / Mom

My Trinket Joy found me on October 5, 2000. She had been dumped on a lonely country road by a puppy mill breeder or backyard breeder who couldn’t use her anymore. We can only guess at the year she was born but she was an old little lady when her rescuer found her. I adopted her from the rescuer and she became a part of my heart and soul from the minute I put her in my car for the ride home.

She had none of her tiny front teeth from biting at cages, scars on her little feet from the wire cages, hated the back of her neck touched and cowered, terrified, when anyone reached for her. She had been terribly abused, mentally and physically. She blossomed into a lovable, grateful little girl and learned to trust again as only a dog can do. She was with me for one year when she started showing symptoms of congestive heart failure and even with many vet visits and medications, her little heart gave all it could and she went to
the Rainbow Bridge on January 25, 2002.

I miss her every single day but am reassured to know that the last 15 months of her life she was the happiest and the most loved than she ever was in her entire life previously. I would not trade any of the grief I have felt over her loss for one minute of the time she was with me.

She taught me so much about love and I taught her that not all humans are cruel. My Itty Bitty is the reason I now will only adopt rescued adult dogs and to help in the rescue of the ones I can’t adopt. So, here’s to you Trinket Joy, your love and memory live on.


Forever in my heart,
Trinket Joy
Linda Sasser