Trixie by Cheryl


" Trixie "

June 26 1984 ---- Nov. 14 1998


I miss you Trixie more than words can say

I hear you and look for you even tho you've gone away,

I know you are with Tammy in heaven above

And in my heart I still feel your love.

I miss the Love we shared with each other,

Even tho you were a dog I felt like your mother.

You followed me every where I did go,

You were Faithful and True and I miss you so.

I miss you sitting under the table at my feet,

Waiting for a very special treat.

I miss the way you made your rounds every day,

And gobbled all the food that was on your way,

I miss the way your eyes sparkled with glee,

When it was time for just you and me.

I miss you greeting me at the door,

When I arrive home from the store,

My sweet little Trixie you are with Tammy in heaven above,

And I miss you each day as you filled my heart with Love.

So now I say Good-bye to you with a tear in my eye,

Sleep well my friend Good night and Good-bye.