Trixie by Stephanie Marsh / Stephanie

I was at home one day playing with Trixie. After a while she was slow and acting funny. She layed down and started panting heavily. I called my dad and he took her to the vet. We later found out that Trixie had heart worms. It scared not only me, but my entire family. The next day I asked my dad if we will be able to treat her disease. But he said that the doctors asked for to much money.

Then I went to school trying so hard not to think about Trixie. Then at lunch my dad came to eat with me. I asked him if Trixie was ok. He just said don’t worry about it. I knew they put Trixie to sleep. I can still see her face acting like she didn’t know what she did wrong to deserve this! I loved her too much for her to leave so soon. She even grew up with me.


I love you Trixie!!!!
Stephanie Marsh