1986 —- Feb. 4 2000

My two boys and I needed a dog to let us know

of an intruder is around. She was chosen at a pet shop,

people go there to find homes for their puppies.

She was different because the other puppies was only black

and when I saw her she looked like something special when

we took her home we had a kennel built just for her;

she watched them build it. It was just a area that was fenced in

that she would be safe.

When she had to go to the vet to get her shots she always wag

that tail because she loved to go some where since she is always

in her pen but at least she can run around in there.

The people at the Vet would greet her with love and she would always

return her love to them. She would always have good health,

but she was 13 years old and at the last visit I discovered that

her Tongue was being eaten away by a tumor which I didn’t

realize it was happening to her because she was always so happy.

She was getting worse off and on she would be bleeding from the

mouth because of her tongue. I should’ve had her put to rest

sooner but its so hard to make that move to put her to sleep.

I was told that this does happen to Dalmatians.

She was so weak when I finally decide to do it; there wasn’t

much left of her tongue and she was bleeding some more.

Even the last time I would see her she was still waging that tail.

I stayed with her until her last breath.

The people at the vet sent me a sympathy card and they all

signed it and including a poem.

…Grieve not nor speak of me with tears

but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you…

I loved you so — ’twas Heaven here with you.

by: Isla Paschal Richardson