Trouble by Helen Malinauskas & Joe Bielinski / Mom & Dad

You were a six week old fuzz ball when we got you. We bought you home to a house with three older dogs and we weren’t too sure how things would work out. As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about. Contrary to your name you were anything but trouble. Right from the beginning you took over as the alpha dog and looked after everybody else.

You were always somewhat of a loner and seemed uninterested but you were the matriarch of the family for many years and were always aware of what was going on. You were right there when someone was sick and forever watchful of everything.We called you “Trizz Head”(you never fully lost your puppy fuzz!) and ” Oafy Doafy Somebody’s Puppy ” but you knew whose puppy you were.

You had so much compassion and such deep feelings that at times we worried about you. Whenever someone was sick you got all nervous, like a mother hen and stayed by their side until they felt better. When one crossed the Bridge, you sat and cried with us for days, the only dog we’ve ever seen actually shed real tears. We know it was hard for you because in your lifetime you witnessed 13 cross the Bridge and you grieved with us for every one of them.

As you got older you developed arthritis and eventually you could barely get around. When you started having problems with incontinence you became a nervous wreck because it bothered you so. It was time to let you go, something that was very hard for us to do. The day you crossed the Bridge you did not go alone. It was the worse day of our lives because we not only had to let you go, but Lady too. She was so very sick and couldn’t go on anymore. Even in the end you looked after the others, because Lady was blind and you helped her cross–forever the caregiver. We cried so hard that day and still grieve in our hearts, you were a very exceptional girl. You were such a help and a comfort to us.

We miss your gentle ways and watchful eyes, but know you are still watching over everybody on the other side–just waiting for us to come. Rest comfortably, sweet baby, you have no more worries and no more tears to shed. We’ll be together again some day.


Forever Loving You,
9, Apr 2005
Helen Malinauskas & Joe Bielinski