Troubles by Alicia


" I've Got Troubles "

" Troubles "


July 2 1994 ------- Aprril 5 1999

Domesticated Ferret

Dear Troubles,


When you arrived at Ferret Wise

your leg was broken clean

you carried fleas and vermin

from woods you were tossed in.


We found you help and gave you back

the leg tho' many shunned

the surgery for one so young

and costs of tidy sums.


But then you walked and danced and played

so merry were your days

A home and family for you was found

love chased your pains away.


As you grew older once again

the illnesses would come

but through the surgery and meds

you mom and dad with you were one.


This morning as the sun shone

you faded from their reach

leaving behind and empty space

inside your cage retreat.


Your family of folks and ferrets

even kitties too...

will miss your bouncy spirited self

until we meet anew.


It is with deep regret the families of "Troubs" and Ferret Wise

announces the passing of "I've Got Troubles"

on this Monday April 7 1999. Troubles was a discarded injured

( broken leg)ferret who was lolcated in Washington NH in the woods.

He graced our doorways in 1995 we were able to re- establish

the use of his leg through a 2 month process which included

traction surgery pinning the bone and rehabilitation. He actually

resumed his growth following the healing process.


We (the shelter folks) thank Mary & Keith his adoptive family for the

the love care and time they gave to this red eyed prince though we all

feel it surely was not long enough.


Fondly in ferrets,


for the many faces of Ferret Wise