Tuffty by Nicole / From Mummy (Nicole)

I remember my hunny-bunch… it’s so hard to be typing this but I will anyway. You were the best so small. When I was down you just picked me up again. I hated watching you go. We took you to the vet and she took you through to get a needle that would have put you to sleep. She asked me to come in and say goodbye and your eyes opened slowly and I started crying again then she closed them again slowly passing. I hated this. I told the vet to hurry because I hated watching her suffer.

THERE!!! She had finally passed. I HATED EVERYONE AT THIS MOMENT. No one could cheer me up. I was off school for 2 weeks and the 2 weeks were my time spent CRYING. I had headaches, and belly aches. But that’s when I realised she will always be with me and she will always be loved. And I still buy dog buiscuits even if it seems stupid. I do it anyway. xxxx (I’m crying a river inside)


My babe, I will always love you.