Tuffy by Deanne & Bobby / Mommy, Daddy and Niko

Tuffy was our first greyhound. We adopted him in May of 2001 and after 3 wonderful months, we had to have another one. Niko came into our home, and Tuffy became such a different dog. He was more energized and he and Niko loved to run together in the backyard and
they did everything together.

Tuffy was such a “mommy’s dog”. He would crawl into bed with me every morning after Bobby would leave for work, and after about an hour, he would be on his back with his paws in the air, right beside me. Tuffy would follow me around the house, and always want my attention. If he didn’t feel like I was giving him enough attention,
he would whine and whine.

Tuffy would love to play with his toys at night after his last out of the night. He would flip them in the air and run from room to room. Bobby, Niko and I would just watch him from the couch, and it was if Niko was saying, “what a silly dog!”.

We lost Tuffy very suddenly. He developed a fluid sack of blood under his right leg and after 3 days at the vet and numerous tests, they found a lump in his belly and it was cancer. It had spread to his blood and was causing him to bleed internally. We had no choice….

Being with Tuffy those last few minutes was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I felt like such a failure, that I had failed Tuffy and had not been there for him. But I didn’t want him to suffer, and my husband and I mourned our loss of Tuffy. Niko even came to say goodbye….

We will always love you, my Tuffy, and I think about you everyday. I know I will see you again. Take care my one and only Tuffy Wuffy.


We miss you and love you!
6, Jan 2004
Deanne & Bobby