Tuffy Schmee by Belinda

To my little Tuffy Schmee a precious Sweet Angel boy who was only in my life for your 7 short months here on earth: I’m so sorry we won’t be together now… you were the Best Cat in the World and I will always Love you.
I miss your sweet little brown face and lovely caramel-colored eyes your cute black pawpads in small white feet your red-rubber-ball nose and the pretty stripes on your back and legs. You were the perfect son and there are NO WORDS for the pain of your loss.
Forgive me for allowing another cat to infect our home with the disease that stole you from us; he is dead too along with your brother Furby.
There is no way for us to be together now but by God’s grace we will be together again…you wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge because I will come across looking just for you!

Rest easy my BELOVED LITTLE SON. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Your Mommy Belinda.


Tuffy Schmee
13, Nov 2000