Turbo by Aaron & Summer Noyes / Mom, Dad and Osa

My darling and beloved Turbo aka Bloonie. We came to you in your last week of “availablility” at the shelter and our lives were never the same. You became partners in crime with your “sister” Osa and together and apart you gave us thousands of memories that made our life richer.

I already miss your scent, your funny way of talking to us, and your puppy face. When you became ill with cancer it was the most devestating news we could’ve received, but we also knew that we would not let you suffer. As time went on and it was evident you were not the same son/dog we knew…it was time. It was as though you knew as well and you gave us your blessing. We will miss you so incredibly much…there is a void in our lives…our family.

You will here my voice often as I still plan to talk to you and I hope you talk back. With love to infinity & beyond.


Never a goodbye, but always with love,
26, Aug 2005
Aaron & Summer Noyes