Turbo by Terri Taylor and Bob Scheich / Mommy, Daddy, Kahlua, Milkshake, Spike,Gizzy

Turbo’s mom (Milkshake) and dad (Spike) adopted us.When we came back from vacation June 3, 2003, our anniversary, Milkshake blessed us with 4 kittens. Turbo was the runt and along with his brother Kahlua and Gizzy they were the smartest little boys. We used to play “hand-paw” co-ordination and chase “eekie” the mouse for hours. We are so lost and lonely without him, but we know we will all be together again one day playing “eekie the mouse” and turbo charging thru the heavens. Kahlua looks for you everyday in the cat condo. You are still our Handsome Boy, Turbo Charge! Thank you, Turbo, for 3 of
the best years of our lives!!


Missing You and Loving You,
Terri Taylor and Bob Scheich