My TuTu…..When I needed a hand, I found your paw.♥

I had to put my best, little friend TuTu to sleep today @ 3:30pm, and as I write this; I have to admit, I’m devastated and heart-broken at the moment. It’s funny how things happen. Just today, I posted his picture with scripture at 1:51pm.

My way of describing him was telling people: “He’s little and he’s nice!”, and he was!!! He was my loyal friend since 2005, when I rescued him after someone dumped him. He was 16, if not older, as no one knew for sure. My faithful tiny guardian and companion, and one of the kindest, most loyal and giving souls I have ever met in awhile, and that was a rare attribute for a Chihuahua, he wasn’t yappy, he was Mr. Cool and he made you fall in love with him with that little pink tongue he would stick out in his way of feeling content….he loved everyone.
There are so many deeply- rooted human lessons at the core of one’s experience, when having a dog for so long; he taught me so much. Especially since last June 17th, when he actually died the first time in my arms, but within seconds, I gave him mouth to snout CPR and, behold, he was back. I cared daily for him, and in his estimation…I was a human sofa, with a built in heater; as that was his favorite place to be…on my lap.

I honestly didn’t think he would last 8 months since that fateful day last June, but he gave me the same kind of unexpected ending today, as much as I thought I had prepared myself, I wasn’t.

It came on fast and furious, one minute he’s great and snoring in a sound sleep, and the next we are speeding 20 mph over the speed limit to get to the vet, to relieve him permanently of the sudden onset of excruciating pain…..it was over within 20 minutes. Gone. No more kisses. No more TuTu. NOW………….what do I do?

I took him home, wrapped him in his favorite blue blanket, placed all his favorite things inside a coffin I have had for awhile now, and even put him in his blue sweater since he hated the cold so much,……… and then said goodbye. Praying, that it will just be more like a:
“I’ll see you again soon,” rather!!

That sentimentality, that emotion, these things that make us connect with other souls is at the heart of EVERYTHING.

Things my little & nice, TuTu ,(ma-TEE), (toodlebrain), (my mee-kos-two-tee) MY (Tee-da-man) taught me, about being a better person: Awww…so many nicknames we have for our fur family.
Here’s some things he taught that my rattled brain can attest to right this hour:

Be true to your own nature. There’s no point in faking it. Being comfortable in your own skin is 90% of the trick to rocking out your life. Not everyone is meant to be Rintintin or a seeing eye dog. It’s okay. Find yourself and embrace your nature. That’s always a great place to start.

Be true to the ones you love. Your friends, your family, your tribe, your pack. A life lived for others is a life well-lived. Selfish pursuits aside, ambition often grows hollow when turned inwardly instead of outwardly. It’s one thing to want to be pack leader, but there is just as much value and honor in serving than in leading. When in doubt, see item number one.

Never say no to a chance to go on a car ride. When the days grow short, I guarantee you’ll wish you’d have gone on more car rides. He was always ready, even when he became blind and deaf.

Leashes are the enemy. Avoid them at all cost.

Belly scratches. Belly rubs, then some ice-cream.

Forgiveness is easier for dogs than for humans, but humans have opposable thumbs and the ability to speak, so it all balances out in the end.

Your bark is your own. No one has one quite like yours. Own it. Love it. Project it.

Trust your instincts. They rarely steer you wrong. The feeling in your gut though, that’s probably just something you ate.

Just because you’re meant to live on land doesn’t mean you can’t feel at home in water. Play outside the safety zone. Swim in the deep end. Dive in. We’re all designed to do more than the obvious. Of course he loved the beach, sand and shore. Who doesn’t.

Play more. The game is irrelevant. Just play. Tip: Exploring is play. Having adventures is play. Finding out what’s behind the next hill is play.

Your body growing old doesn’t mean you can’t be a puppy at heart. Actually, the first should have no impact on the latter. If you find that it does, take a step back, regroup, and restart. Always be a puppy at heart.

Humans aren’t all bad. But they aren’t all good either. Choose yours wisely. God gave dogs instinct, and He gave it to us too.

Attain & acquire TRUE LOYALTY.The beauty of a great dog doesn’t lie in its obedience but in its loyalty. Loyalty is a choice. Dogs choose to be dogs and not wolves. That’s what makes them so special.

Run a full out sprint across a field in the rain.

Sometimes, you have to back up your growl with a bite. Go with it. Some people like to test your bark-to-bite ratio. With those “inquisitive” types, a little education goes a long way. As much as it sucks to have to go there, it is sometimes necessary. (It’s what the fangs are for.) Your territory, your space, your safety… They’re worth defending. Make a show of it once, and chances are you’ll never have to teach anyone a lesson again.

In the end, you will revisit your adventures, your battles, your chases, your voyages and all the excitement of your life with bemused pride, but it’s the quiet moments with loved ones that your mind will settle on. The comfort of those days when all you did was spend lazy hours with them, your head on their lap, their on yours, taking in the afternoon sun and the hundreds of fleeting stories carried like whispers on the breeze, those are the memories that will stay with you to the end and beyond.

Never give up on your thirst for life, on the beauty subtle moments, and on chasing that ball as hard and fast as your legs and heart will carry you.

Have you hugged your dog today?
God Bless the broken hearted tonight, because I am one of them.
I love you…I love you TuTu….and boy, am I missing my little TEE right this minute. 🙁
P/S……..Dogs Aren’t “Like” Family, They ARE Family! So get it right.
~Chrissy H.

He appeared in my life by chance. Someone had dumped him during the 2005 Hurricanes. He was rescued, by running into a little girls lap on the white line of HWy 95 in Melbourne, FL. I found him at a feed store; heard his triumphal story while he was sitting by his currently new best friend ( a great dane). They couldn’t keep him, so I took him in. He would be 5 years old at the time. He gave me ten wonderful years, and I gave him ten wonderful years of knowing what real love was. I think I made up for the first five that were horrible for him.

TuTu, you were so dearly loved, and pretty much held in my arms your whole life. It’s where you wanted to be. Next to me always.
We had such fun time together, and we got to complete your “Bucket-list” before you left this earth. ☺♥☺

I was his seat warmer, his love. If he could have climbed inside of me, he would have. He love to snuggle and just be held. TuTu wasn’t your typical yappy Chi….he was sweet, loved everyone, and never went for the ankles, EVER. He loved the beach and his little toys. He was buried with them all except for one.

In the end you were blind, deaf, and a massive heart condition….but you stuck it out for 2 extra years…Mommy had to let you go when it got too much for you. I dearly pray that I will see you in Heaven one day, along with Shiloh, Onyx & Luger & Ricky Poo.

You, my dear doggie, are a great loss of one tiny, little bundle of pure joy & love I shared for awhile. Hold everyone holds on tight to all the great memories of these furry gifts from God. Thank you for being a part of my life, TuTu-Tee.
Who ever read this….Remember…Always be the person that your dog thinks you are & be so joyful that when others look at you, they become happy too.
Make each day count~♥~Chrissy & TuTu~♥
I wish the Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours..

Run free little Tee with Shiloh, Luger, & Onyx & Ricky PooPoo. 🙁
Psalm 49:12 “We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long. Like our dogs, we age and weaken. And die.”

Once upon a time there was a man who died & in the afterlife his dog who went before him ran up to greet him. His phantom hand reached and caught that little phantom paw.
They romped and bounded together just like old times.

Upon reaching the first gate a man came out and said: “Welcome to heaven. But you can’t bring that dog in here.”

The dog growled and barked at the gatekeeper. Dejected the man said, “Well, if he can’t come, then I guess I’ll not enter, No way am I
abandoning my faithful little dog.” and then thought, “I can’t imagine that God wouldn’t allow His own creations with such unconditional love not to enter the gates of what I hoped Heaven would be!”
And he went away saddened by this.

A bit more up the road, he found a second gate. And a smiling young man came to the gate and greeted him, and the dog wagged his tail and the young man came over and gave him a pat on the head and a belly rub and some doggy treats that he had in his pocket.

He reached out his arms to the man and embraced him and said, “Welcome to Heaven!”

Surprised the man said, “But I was just at another gate and that guy told me THAT was heaven. But he wouldn’t let my dog come in with me. So I left that gate and was sad that I’d never get to see God.”

The young man said, “Oh? …then chuckled a bit, and said, “By the way, I’m St. Peter. And that last gate was Hell.
They only take people in who are willing to abandon their best friend.”
And off they went. Amen.

Remember: Dog spelled backwards is God.

"You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety." Job 11:18
Chrissy Hagerty